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The Australian Urban Street Tree Evaluation Program
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AUSTEP is a constant work in progress as we look to provide the industry with up to date tree evaluations, items of interest and tree happenings. Regularly, we will publish more news and data, to meet our objective of giving you a continual reference point for information on tree performance in the streetscape situation.

Spring 2016 evaluations are in progress and new updates are being added. As we enter Spring, we are seeing Pyrus looking excellent as uniform avenues of floral vases, Melia with robust branches showing off interesting canopy shapes, and we are eagerly awaiting the burst of foliage on all the bare branches of the deciduous trees, as the weather warms up. Evergreen native trees are also showing fresh growth. There are some outstanding performers such as Corymbia maculata with sleek tall trunks, and Lophostemon confertus with its dense foliage. For something more unusual we have revisited an older planting of Brachychiton rupestris with its bulbous trunk and rounded canopy.

Since 2002, 236 different tree varieties and cultivars have been assessed in over 1500 evaluations by the AUSTEP team, across 603 sites. Evaluations will continue in current sites, while new sites and new cultivars will be added to expand the database and information to aid in the selection of excellent performing street tree selections for future plantings.

We welcome input from Councils, Arborists and Landscape Architects as we expand the reach of AUSTEP to include new councils and new residential housing developments. If you have an area that you think we should visit we would love to hear from you via the contact section on this website.


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